The Connect Agency

Promoting the mental health and wellness of individuals, families, organizations, and communities through advocacy, education, and support




About The Connect Agency

A space providing access to mental health care, while also reducing social stigma and serving as a resource to those in need of therapy, assessment, and consulting services

Accessibility & Convenience

Offering all services through a video telehealth platform. Making it easy to attend, even for those with busy schedules, transportation issues, or mobility problems.

Cultural Competence & Humility

Creating a safe place to connect every piece of you, without fear of judgement, cultural bias, and oppressive power imbalances.


Pledging to heal marginalized communities through connection and promoting mental health by addressing deep rooted stigma that blocks power and growth to a valued life.


Your teletherapy sessions and information are HIPAA compliant encrypted for privacy.


Highlighting the connection between thought, emotion, and behavior patterns that block achievement, while developing new skills as well as engaging in purposeful living. 


A voice for those suffering. Disseminating a message of hope and support.

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